About Us

Our history

In 1986, our company’s doors opened starting in a small shed with 10 products. Ruben Gallo, the founder, and CEO of Blue Sky originally started as Bluesky Cleaning Services, pending his days travelling through Sydney. Ruben had a van filled with product and the motivation to be the best in the business. Bluesky quickly became recognised as an industry leader. His product range grew and sales grew once we became an agent for Omikron.

Being a leading seller in quality automotive and industrial cleaning products in Sydney, Ruben had the vision to grow the business which leads to a strategic acquisition in 2005 of Aussie Gold Car Care. The Aussie Gold range of products enhanced the already large range of automotive and industrial cleaning products, which lead to a larger fleet of vans and trucks to cater to the car and cleaning industry.

In 2011, Omikron was up for sale. Bluesky then actioned another acquisition and took over Omikron. Following the purchase of Omikron, Bluesky then went through another restructure and became Bluesky Automotive and Cleaning Products PTY LTD. The restructure of Bluesky, accelerated Ruben’s proud product range, offering his client’s 300 products to choose from for their automotive and cleaning products.

Bluesky Automotive is synonymous in the automotive and industrial cleaning industry, supplying quality car care products to detailers and car wash facilities throughout the 3 major metros Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and NSW Country.

Our mission is simple: to provide the best products and service to our clients at affordable prices. Ruben and the team take great pride in Bluesky and are committed to offering a 5-star transaction with a 5-star product range.

To keep up with demand, we also have an online store available designed for you to shop our product range at your own convenience.